50% off Organic Fruits and Vegetables (Coupon)

I’m always looking for ways to lower my food bill without compromising my principles.  I’m happy to share that I found a new small business that accomplishes both of those goal!


A month ago, I began buying organic fruits and vegetables from a small business called Misfits Market.  They ship organic produce directly to your home for nearly HALF the cost of the organic produce in grocery stores.  It sounds unbelievable, until you understand their business model.


Misfits Market rescues the fresh, organic produce that farms and grocery stores can’t sell.


According to the company, nearly HALF of the food grown by farmers in the U.S. is never sold.  It’s wasted, even though much of that food is perfectly edible.  But, consumers don’t want to buy produce that isn’t “perfect.”  So, a lot of organic produce never makes it into the supermarkets because they are deemed too big or too small, or abnormal looking, or “ugly” because of small bruises.   Misfits Market strives to end that cycle of food waste by selling those unwanted “misfits” to consumers online.  The company has only been operating for one year, and they have already rescued 10 million pounds of misfit produce.


I’ve received four shipments of misfits so far, and I’ve been happy with the quality.  Everything has been edible.  Occasionally, I cut off some bruises.  But, even with the loss of those few pieces, the misfits are still much less expensive than the grocery store.  I also refrigerate all of the produce when it arrives to extend the shelf-life.  And, some of the produce needs to be consumed within the first 1-2 days, so I prioritize what I cook once I receive the shipment.  Each shipment also comes with a new recipe card.


The one downside is that you can’t pick your own produce.  The company is actively working to offer customers the ability to select what’s in their box, but right now you can’t.  However, receiving produce each week that I don’t normally buy has provided an opportunity for me to bring more variety into my diet, which is critical when trying to prevent food sensitivities or allergies.


You can choose from a small box or large box.

The small box is roughly a 37% savings compared with grocery store prices.

The large box is roughly a 46% savings.


However, if you’d like to try a box, you can receive an additional 30% off your first order by clicking on the link below.

That’s a total saving of 56% for the small box and 62% for the large box. 



Coupon expires September 23rd.

You can cancel any time with no fees or penalty.

*Disclaimer: I also receive a discount on my next order when you use the coupon.



Here’s pictures of my first four shipments:


Week One Delivery.

Week Two Delivery

Week Three Delivery

Week Four Delivery

Shipping Box

A Peak Inside the Shipping Box


I also love that Misfits Market has set big goals, including their commitment to:

  • Only work with organic growers who have committed to sustainability and fair working conditions.
  • Build an infrastructure that spans across the U.S. so everyone can have access to the affordability of misfits.  The produce is currently available in nearly 20 states.
  • Donate thousands of pounds of food to local food banks, schools, and hospitals.
  • Be one of the first online grocers to accept SNAP/EBT.


When you support Misfits Market, you benefit from the reduced cost of fresh, organic produce.  In addition, you help reduce food waste, improve the quality of food in schools, hospitals and food banks, and increase access to fresh, organic produce across the U.S.