ALL Organic Restaurant!

For 4 years, I have not eaten at a restaurant because I could not find one that was aligned with my principles.  That changed last month when I stumbled upon Organic Krush – an ALL organic restaurant that strives to use simple ingredients you can actually pronounce.


Once I tried the food, I knew I had to share this treasure with you.  So, I reached out to the co-founder of Organic Krush, Michelle Walrath, who agreed to a video interview!


Michelle is an inspiring leader in the health and wellness movement.  She co-created several documentaries including: Fed Up, GMO OMG, and The Devil We know.  As a life-long health advocate and mother of 4 children, Michelle was frustrated about the severe lack of healthy options on the go. She realized that parents were left with the choice of spending hours preparing food, or settling for fast food that left them feeling tired, sluggish, and weighed down.


So, Michelle co-create Organic Krush, an ALL organic, healthy lifestyle eatery with options ranging from organic coffee and breakfast to family dinners and even fully catered meals!  Organic Krush combines Michelle’s love of nourishing, delicious food with her passion for helping people on their health journey!


With 5 Organic Krush locations, including Virginia and New York, Michelle is a leader in the wellness and fast food market.  You can connect with Michelle at: