"Personally, I think you

stole the show!" 

"You have a wonderful presence, great voice, and you can speak with authority as a scientist, a mom, and a victim of our pathetic food supply. Thanks for all you do Sina."

Dr. Cynthia Daley

Professor at California State University, Chico

"Dr. Sina McCullough spoke as a keynote speaker at our annual regenerative agriculture conference called Grazing for Change.

She is a passionate, energetic and captivating speaker.

Her story is nothing short of amazing--as is the depth of her research and knowledge. We received such positive feedback on her presentation, message and important work."

Abbey Smith,

Jefferson Center for Holistic Management

"Dr. McCullough’s message was powerful, inspiring and life-changing!"


"It was full of easily manageable, positive ways adults and children alike can improve our health just by making changes to the foods that we eat."


Val Towns

Faithful Followers, Director



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Previous workshops have included:

  • How to be Healthy, Happy and Free in less than 5-minutes a day.
  • Healing the Spirit: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
  • How to Cook Easy, Budget-Friendly, Healthy Meals for Your Family
  • Learning to Cook with Purpose

Previous speaking topics have included:

  • Your Role in Protecting Your Food

  • What the FDA is Really Doing vs. What You Think They are Supposed to Do

  • How to Prevent and Reverse Chronic and Inflammatory Diseases

  • Using the Free Market to Restore the Integrity of Your Food.

  • Healing Your Family on a Budget

  • What to Eat for Your Individual Needs

  • How to Save Time & Money While Still Eating "Healthy"


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