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Meet Hunter

Hi, I'm Hunter.  When I was 6 years old, I got really sick from chemicals in our food.  My legs hurt so bad that I couldn't run around and play with my friend.


My Mommy taught me about the hidden chemicals in our food and now I'm fine.  Now I can do anything I want to do because my legs don't hurt and I'm not tired. 


The more I learned about the chemicals that made me sick, the more I wanted to help other kids.  So, my Mom helped me create my own dessert line:


Rattlesnake Treats:

Take the Bite Out of Sweets

brownies with icing recepie

Check out the product comparison for my brownies!

Which treat would you rather eat?

Most treats you buy in the store

are made with chemicals that can make you sick.



My treats taste just as good but don't have harmful chemicals!


Now kids like me have a choice:



We can eat treats that have hidden chemicals

or we can eat treats that won't hurt our bodies.



Which will you choose?

Rattlesnake Treats Grain-Free Cookbook

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