Smart Meter Alert

I’m fighting against smart meters once again!


I faced this battle when I lived in Florida roughly 9 years ago.  Yesterday, the fight was brought to my door step when a representative from Dominion arrived at my house to replace my perfectly good meter with a smart meter.  I opted-out and wrote a letter to my neighbors:


Hello Neighbors,


Dominion was in our neighborhood today changing our meters to smart meters.


You probably received a flyer recently from Dominion stating they are installing smart meters in our neighborhood.  They list benefits of having a smart meter, which sound great.  However, there are many negative consequences of smart meters, none of which were presented in the flyer or on Dominion’s website.  Since we are neighbors, and smart meters effect the entire neighborhood, I want to provide a balanced perspective so that we can all choose whether or not we want smart meters based on informed consent.  Even if they changed your meter already, it’s not too late.  You can still call and opt-out.


Smart meters are a complicated topic with ties to politics, the FCC and other government agencies, and energy companies.  Hence there is a lot of push about how “safe” they are and the truth has been buried quite well.  This is what we do know:


Smart meters present a privacy concern because they collect data on your home.  That data allows them to access your home activities and lifestyle.  The energy companies admit that smart meters collect data, but they downplay the extent of this privacy invasion.  In a court case against smart meters, the following was revealed:


“Our brief explained that aggregate smart meter data collected from someone’s home in 15-minute intervals could be used to infer, for example, whether they tend to cook meals in the microwave or on the stove; whether they make breakfast; whether and how often they use exercise equipment, such as a treadmill; whether they have an in-home alarm system; when they typically take a shower; if they have a washer and dryer, and how often they use them; and whether they switch on the lights at odd hours, such as in the middle of the night. And these inferences, in turn, can permit intimate deductions about a person’s lifestyle, including their occupation, health, religion, sexuality, and financial circumstances.  Importantly, the Court acknowledged that smart meter data ‘reveals information about the happenings inside a home’.”


We also know that smart meters emit radiation.  The energy companies openly admit that smart meters emit radiation.  They claim that only one pulse of radiation is emitted per day.  But that’s not true.

  • I fought against smart meters in Florida, prior to moving to Virginia.  I measured the EMFs using my own EMF meter.  Every single smart meter I measured in my Florida neighborhood pulsed radiation roughly every 30 seconds.  If you google this topic, you can find NUMEROUS videos of concerned citizens who have videotaped their smart meters pulsing radiation and you can see the high levels of radiation for yourself.
  • Smart meters pulse radiation to each other.  That means, your smart meter sends out a pulse of radiation that is transferred to your neighbors’ smart meter and then it’s transferred to their neighbors’ smart meter, etc.  So, not only is your smart meter pulsing radiation into your home day and night, it’s also transmitting pulses of radiation from your neighbors.  Those pulses of radiation travel through your home.  And, if you are walking through the neighborhood, those pulses of radiation can still reach your body.

Energy companies claim that the radiation emitted by smart meters is “safe” and emitted at a low level.  That’s not true.  Again, watch videos for yourself and you will see the high level of radiation emitted at a high frequency.  In addition, MANY health effects have been linked with smart meters.   Some health effects include:

  • Heart issues
  • Learning issues
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Development of autoimmune or inflammatory diseases

Some symptoms are acute and others take time to become noticeable, such as in the development of an autoimmune disease.  I work with people who are chronically sick, helping them reverse their disease.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that radiation from devices like smart meters is always one of the triggers for disease in every single client.  It creates inflammation in the body and chronic inflammation can lead to nearly every disease imaginable, including: diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, and even cancer.  So, I take the issue of smart meters seriously.


If you want to learn more about the damaging health effects of smart meters and why that type of radiation effects our bodies, I highly recommend this FREE online health summit:


This summit explains how our bodies are electrical and what happens when your biofield becomes imbalanced or incoherent, such as when exposed to smart meters.  This is cutting edge research that is changing the way we think about the human body, health, and disease.


Of course, the energy companies and the government are downplaying the health effects caused by smart meters because of their vested interest.  But there are many scientific studies and many websites reporting serious health issues with smart meters.  Here’s just one website:


The good news is: You can OPT-OUT of the smart meter. 


You can call Dominion and tell them you want to opt-out.  866-566-6436


They will still replace your current meter, but they will replace it with a non-communicating meter.  That meter is not supposed to send out radiation pulses and it is not supposed to collect data on your home.


I plan to test my non-communicating meter with my EMF reader to make sure their statement is true and accurate.  And, while I do not agree with Dominion replacing our current meter with non-communicating meters, it is the only option right now if you do not want a communicating smart meter.


I also plan to put a radiation cover on my new meter, which they may remove but it’s worth trying.  And I plan to have a dirty electricity filter installed.  Smart meters (whether they are communicating or non-communicating) create dirty electricity, which is spikes and surges of electromagnetic energy that travel along the wiring in your home.  As it travels through your home, it radiates harmful EMFs into your living space.  Consequently, dirty electricity has also been linked with numerous health issues.  It can also reduce the lifespan of common household equipment, such as certain refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.


Again, the choice is yours.  As your neighbor, I wanted to provide additional information since the flyer Dominion mailed was one-sided and because smart meters effect the entire neighborhood.


With love and gratitude,

Dr. Sina McCullough