All Chronic & Autoimmune Diseases are REVERSIBLE

Peer-reviewed scientific literature, case studies, and real-world experiences in clinics across the country have revealed that all inflammatory diseases are reversible, including:




Depression & Anxiety

Seasonal Allergies


Alzheimer's Disease



Heart Disease

Kidney Disease


Multiple Sclerosis

And any other chronic or autoimmune disease you can imagine

In the Go Wild Healing Program, Dr. McCullough walks you through the steps required to reverse

chronic and autoimmune diseases.


Beyond Labels 8x10


Tired of hearing conflicting dietary advice?

Tired of deceptive food labels?


If you are overwhelmed by conflicting diet advice, or you don’t know where to start or who to trust, Beyond Labels will help you figure out what to put on your plate.


Joel Salatin, a farmer who is blazing the trail for regenerative farm practices, and Sina McCullough, a Ph.D. in Nutrition who actually understands unpronounceable carbon chains, bring you on a journey from generally unhealthy food and farming to an ultimately healing place.


Through compelling discussions and humor, they share practical and easily doable tips including:

  • What to eat.
  • How to find it and prepare it.
  • How to save money and time in the kitchen.
  • How to stay true to your principles in our modern culture.


Whether you are just starting your health journey or you grow all of your own food, this book is designed to meet you where you are and motivate you to take the next step in your healing journey – ultimately bringing you closer to health, happiness, and freedom.


Hands Off My Food Book Cover


Tired of feeling sick?

Tired of doctors telling you there is no cure or they can't find anything wrong?

Don't give up hope!


Dr. McCullough was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, muscle wasting, arsenic poisoning, and leaky gut.

After a 5-year investigation into our food supply, she was able to reverse her disease without the use of medications!

In Hands Off My Food!, Dr. McCullough shares the information she learned that saved her life.  And, she provides simple action steps to help you heal yourself and harness your God-given power.



"Dr. Sina McCullough is a tremendous inspiration for healthy nutrition!

I believe she is saving lives, one person at a time.  She is coaching our 22 year old daughter that developed food allergies in college.  After adopting Sina's suggestions, our daughter has lost weight, no longer experiences awful stomach cramping or random sicknesses, and her skin allergy has cleared up.  We are thankful for Sina and her calm presentation but straight forward approach to eating!  She has cheered us on and offered numerous alternatives."

--Tracy McGuire, Mother and Wife of John McGuire (Virginia House of Delegates)

"Personally, I think you stole the show!

You have a wonderful presence, great voice, and you can speak with authority as a scientist, a mom, and a victim of our pathetic food supply. Thanks for all you do Sina."

--Dr. Cynthia Daley,  Professor at California State University, Chico

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